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Butterflies in Galway

We haven’t been seeing too many butterflies in Galway this year but I am glad to say that lately they seem to be making a return. I see plenty of them fluttering around the garden but for some strange reason I also seem to be finding a lot of butterflies in the house. The one above […]


I should say something more about peas. If you’re following this you’ll already know I’ve talked about growing peas in raised beds as well.  A friend looked around my garden the other day and asked me if I went to bed dreaming about peas – well no, but I do like them and I suppose […]

Slug and egg

Here we are at July 15th already – we’re in Galway Bay and it hasn’t rained for two whole weeks. If you’ve never been to Galway you won’t know how amazing that is but for those of us who live here it feels like a glorious sunny dream. The weather has been dry and hot […]

Rocks and stones

In my Galway garden there are more rocks and stones than soil. Some people say that during the Celtic Tiger period, soil was taken away from sites and sold, then sold again – back to whoever bought the same house and site a year later! Could this be true? I asked myself… stupidly. Of course […]


WILDFLOWER MEADOW In my first post about my barren, Burren wildflower meadow I mentioned my disappointment at the lack of growth in the flower department, the speedy growth in the weed department and the lack of any replies in the email department from Gerry, the professional and ‘passionate about gardening’ gardener who prepared the ground […]

The Wildflower Meadow

WILDFLOWER MEADOW AND OTHER DREAMS The first thing I planned to do when I moved to our new home in Galway was to grow a wildflower meadow. The section directly in front of the house, which faces east, was an unruly grass-covered mess that apparently used to be a lawn. My husband, M, is not […]

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