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USES OF STINGING NETTLES Stinging nettles are growing very well around my garden. They seem to grow together in patches. They have also appeared singly in my upper flowerbeds, which are near the nettle patches so I assume they seeded from them.  I don’t mind them being around as they are useful and provide splashes […]


A MARE’S WHAT? Part of this coming bank holiday weekend is going to be dedicated to a certain Ragwort; AKA St. James-wort, Ragweed, Stinking Nanny/Ninny/Willy, Staggerwort, Dog Standard, Cankerwort, Stammerwort, or the equally charming Mare’s Fart. Here and now in Ireland we think of Ragwort as a horrible weed, toxic, allergy causing and a pain in […]

The War On Weeds

Ask any gardener and they will probably tell you that when it comes to fighting the war on weeds, you might win a few battles here and there, but weeds are a formidable foe. The front will keep moving around the garden and you will never, ever win the war. Most gardeners never stop trying […]

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