Glyphosate in Ireland

I was very sad to read that Ireland is backing the EU proposal to renew the license for glyphosate. This is a weedkiller also known as Roundup. It is available in many outlets and commonly used to control weeds in gardens and other areas throughout the country. Last year the UN World Health Organisation’s International […]


Until quite recently I had never heard of permaculture but I stumbled upon the idea when doing some research into growing vegetables and since then I have been fascinated by the idea of permaculture – permanent agriculture. Now at the moment I know very little about it but what I have noticed is that there […]


Lately I have been learning a little about permaculture and I am very interested in starting to use some of the methods in my garden. The first stage in preparing my first permaculture garden was to choose the place. There are lots of possibilities in my overgrown wilderness but I decided to prepare a messy […]

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