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National Love A Hen Day

Hens apart, there’s not a whole lot going on in the garden at the moment. I have covered up the raised beds with cardboard, leaves and seaweed to mulch and nourish the soil over winter. I have just left one bed uncovered. I am feeling optimistic so packed it with some onion sets to develop […]

A Rainy Day in Galway Bay

I had great plans to spend today in the garden. I was going to finish clearing three of my four raised vegetable beds, lop some branches from the willow tree in the front garden. In addition I also needed to do a bit of mulching around the overgrown septic tank area which we hope to […]


 FREE RANGE CHICKENS ROCK! Our free range chickens have been with us a few weeks now. I must admit they are much less work than I originally thought. Although I probably should admit that the fact that M has taken on the task of chicken-care completely, may have something to do with it. I do help though, I […]


FREE RANGE EGGS AND OTHER EGGY MATTERS. Free Range eggs coming soon! Yesterday was an eggstraordinary day for us. I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas as we set off for Athenry to get our free-range chickens. We picked two white ones (Snowdrops) and one Columbian black tail and a Copper Star. They were […]

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