Growing Courgettes

I have been growing courgettes for the last few years because they are easy to grow and taste great in stir-fries. This year, as usual, I started my courgettes from seed. I sowed them last March, in window boxes around the house. Usually, I have great success growing courgettes straight  from seed and I have […]


Courgettes exciting? I used to think anyone who got excited by courgettes was a proper saddo but there you go, we all turn into saddos one day. I just never thought the day would come quite this soon but that day is here. Yes!!! I am excited by large green vegetables – and all because of this […]


HOW TO GROW COURGETTES – THE EASY WAY ARE YOU STARTING BETWEEN MARCH AND MAY? SOWING INDOORS Start indoors – by sowing seeds about an inch deep in pots. When you start to see roots and the weather warms up you can plant them outdoors.  ARE YOU STARTING LATE MAY ONWARDS? SOWING OUTDOORS Start outdoors […]

Harvesting Peas

At last the time has come for my favourite job in the garden  –  harvesting peas. Did I mention I love peas? Actually, I might have mentioned planting peas in raised beds here and I might have talked about growing peas here. At the moment I have more of a mouthful than a pan-full but I […]


I should say something more about peas. If you’re following this you’ll already know I’ve talked about growing peas in raised beds as well.  A friend looked around my garden the other day and asked me if I went to bed dreaming about peas – well no, but I do like them and I suppose […]

Broad beans

Last year I planted loads of broad beans and they grew very well and tasted delicious. I didn’t do anything particular, beyond planting the beans in the ground in straightish rows and supporting them with branches I gathered while out walking.. They were lovely and tasty with very little effort. This year is different. At […]

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