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I wasn’t going to post today – St. Stephen’s/Boxing day, this being one of my designated non-writing days but the Galway weather has once again kept me from the garden so instead we went down to the woods where the dense trees provide such shelter you can almost forget about the wind and rain. As we followed […]


ROSEHIPS DOWN THE ROAD Rosehips, the fruit of the rose, are abundant around Ireland this time of year and I only have to walk down the lane to find them. They grow wild and are mixed into the tangle of briars, hazel and blackberry that form the local hedgerows. These particular variety are the bright […]


ROSEHIP SYRUP Rosehip syrup is best made with fresh rosehips but be careful as you pick them, see this page here to see how I did it. BOTTLE OR JARS Gather up some bottles. Preferably with screwable lids as life’s too short for messing around with corks and stoppers. If you can – get small […]


WILD MUSHROOMS GALORE Wild mushrooms are something I have never given a lot of thought to, but today I really wished I had. You see, we decided to go for a stroll with Sheba, our dog into the local woods in Kilcolgan.  Being close to these beautiful woodlands is one of the many reasons I […]


WORLD FOOD DAY – CELEBRATIONS Tomorrow is World Food Day, which is celebrated around the globe to mark the day the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was founded back in 1945 This year the theme is ‘Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition. Past themes have included ‘Fighting Hunger and Malnutrition.’ […]

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