THE INVASION OF THE CATERPILLARS I was given several packets of Nasturtium seeds last year, I read they were good at attracting bees and butterflies and also at attracting the predators that would otherwise be eating the other plants. So I planted lots of them, here there and everywhere all around the garden. The Nasturtium […]


Scabiosa,  not the prettiest of names, is a wild, pale-lilac coloured flower with long thin stems that is scattered across my garden. It is growing in small groups of six to ten plants – each group covering an area from a foot square to 3 foot square.  FLOWERS AND THE BUTTERFLIES AND BEES. I admit […]

Butterflies in Galway

We haven’t been seeing too many butterflies in Galway this year but I am glad to say that lately they seem to be making a return. I see plenty of them fluttering around the garden but for some strange reason I also seem to be finding a lot of butterflies in the house. The one above […]

Yellow Butterfly

Last year we had a beautiful summer here in Galway Bay. Did I really just say that about Galway? If you’ve ever been to Galway you’ll know we have a lot of rain and grey skies. One day I noticed a lovely earthy smell in the air and it made me want to get out […]

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