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THE INVASION OF THE CATERPILLARS I was given several packets of Nasturtium seeds last year, I read they were good at attracting bees and butterflies and also at attracting the predators that would otherwise be eating the other plants. So I planted lots of them, here there and everywhere all around the garden. The Nasturtium […]

Raised Bed Garden

Making a raised bed garden was something we only decided to do last June. I was still recovering from leg injuries from an accident I had last December and I didn’t think I would be recovered enough to garden but I hate being bored and sitting around with your leg elevated takes the boredom biscuit. […]


Until quite recently I had never heard of permaculture but I stumbled upon the idea when doing some research into growing vegetables and since then I have been fascinated by the idea of permaculture – permanent agriculture. Now at the moment I know very little about it but what I have noticed is that there […]


Lately I have been learning a little about permaculture and I am very interested in starting to use some of the methods in my garden. The first stage in preparing my first permaculture garden was to choose the place. There are lots of possibilities in my overgrown wilderness but I decided to prepare a messy […]


Scabiosa,  not the prettiest of names, is a wild, pale-lilac coloured flower with long thin stems that is scattered across my garden. It is growing in small groups of six to ten plants – each group covering an area from a foot square to 3 foot square.  FLOWERS AND THE BUTTERFLIES AND BEES. I admit […]

Cottage Gardens. Visiting Bealtaine.

In September 2013, my husband and I had the pleasure of visiting Bealtaine Cottage gardens, in Keadue in North County Roscommon. These are three acres of beautiful, natural cottage gardens brimming with plants and trees. This amazing place was all developed over the past nine years by Colette O’Neill. PERMACULTURE Colette has worked the gardens […]


I have been growing container potatoes since April. This might seem ridiculous since we have a large garden but none of it was developed or prepared when it was time for planting and back then I was still on hopping between crutches and wheelchair so container potatoes seemed the way to go. Problem was I […]

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