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ROSEHIP SYRUP Rosehip syrup is best made with fresh rosehips but be careful as you pick them, see this page here to see how I did it. BOTTLE OR JARS Gather up some bottles. Preferably with screwable lids as life’s too short for messing around with corks and stoppers. If you can – get small […]


 FREE RANGE CHICKENS ROCK! Our free range chickens have been with us a few weeks now. I must admit they are much less work than I originally thought. Although I probably should admit that the fact that M has taken on the task of chicken-care completely, may have something to do with it. I do help though, I […]


WILD MUSHROOMS GALORE Wild mushrooms are something I have never given a lot of thought to, but today I really wished I had. You see, we decided to go for a stroll with Sheba, our dog into the local woods in Kilcolgan.  Being close to these beautiful woodlands is one of the many reasons I […]

Growing Courgettes

I have been growing courgettes for the last few years because they are easy to grow and taste great in stir-fries. This year, as usual, I started my courgettes from seed. I sowed them last March, in window boxes around the house. Usually, I have great success growing courgettes straight  from seed and I have […]


Courgettes exciting? I used to think anyone who got excited by courgettes was a proper saddo but there you go, we all turn into saddos one day. I just never thought the day would come quite this soon but that day is here. Yes!!! I am excited by large green vegetables – and all because of this […]


HOW TO GROW COURGETTES – THE EASY WAY ARE YOU STARTING BETWEEN MARCH AND MAY? SOWING INDOORS Start indoors – by sowing seeds about an inch deep in pots. When you start to see roots and the weather warms up you can plant them outdoors.  ARE YOU STARTING LATE MAY ONWARDS? SOWING OUTDOORS Start outdoors […]


WORLD FOOD DAY – CELEBRATIONS Tomorrow is World Food Day, which is celebrated around the globe to mark the day the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was founded back in 1945 This year the theme is ‘Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition. Past themes have included ‘Fighting Hunger and Malnutrition.’ […]


USES OF STINGING NETTLES Stinging nettles are growing very well around my garden. They seem to grow together in patches. They have also appeared singly in my upper flowerbeds, which are near the nettle patches so I assume they seeded from them.  I don’t mind them being around as they are useful and provide splashes […]


FREE RANGE EGGS AND OTHER EGGY MATTERS. Free Range eggs coming soon! Yesterday was an eggstraordinary day for us. I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas as we set off for Athenry to get our free-range chickens. We picked two white ones (Snowdrops) and one Columbian black tail and a Copper Star. They were […]

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